Las Vegas Woman Tries To Kill Her “Evil” Newborn Baby

A woman from Las Vegas allegedly tried to kill her newborn baby by smothering the baby with a blanket while heading to the hospital because she gave birth to a baby that was “probably evil”.

The 22-year-old mother, Ashley Hollingsworth, was arrested, and she now faces one charge of attempted murder and child abuse.

Reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal stated that Hollingsworth gave birth to the baby in the guest bathroom of her aunt and uncle’s house, who discovered the baby in the toilet. They drove Hollingsworth to the hospital, which was when she attempted to smother the infant with a blanket around the head and pressed against the face.

Reportedly, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called on March 26, by Mountain View Hospital because Hollingsworth, who was “bleeding profusely”, did not want to enter the emergency room.
Subsequently, Hollingsworth was found two hours later with injuries. She told the police that the injuries, which were two large black eyes, were from having gotten “beat up by a rock”.

Hollingsworth, also told the police that her baby was “probably evil” and allegedly stated that “something evil” in her body was “trying to kill” the infant.

Additionally, Hollingsworth said that upon seeing the baby’s eyes, smelling something she believed was abnormal and hearing the baby grunting at her, she wrapped the baby’s head.

Luckily, the baby was not injured by the dreadful incident, according to the doctor’s diagnosis.

The child’s mother has a court date set for Monday.

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