Pregnant Woman Who Was Kicked By Soldier Is Worried About Baby

The young woman who was caught in a viral video being in a physical altercation with a member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) who had resorted to kicking her in her stomach, has since been worrying about the health of her unborn baby.

The Denham Town resident, who was the second female to be in a circulating video having a dispute with the authorities in the area is 21-year-old, and she has revealed that this is her first pregnancy.


During an interview with The Star, Tacoma Davis shared that she is still very shaken from the incident and she is unable to find out the health of her baby being that she is not able to source $6,800 to do an ultrasound, which she was specifically instructed to do after she went to Victoria Jubilee Hospital. She explained that her checkup was unable to be completed “because the machine never did a work”, hence the doctors were not able to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Expressing her concerns, she also stated, “Every second it flash back inna mi memory, a baay bawl mi a bawl. Nobody never yet put dem foot pon mi, worst the hottest thing mi father never yet lick me, and a man come put him foot pon mi.”

When explaining what happened, Davis, whose a former Tivoli Gardens High School student, said she was going to buy a box food on Bond Street after her stepfather gave her $400 to do so, but she was not allowed to pass because the soldiers had blocked the pathway.

“Him say mi cyah pass, so me say ‘How everybody a pass and mi cyah pass?’. Him say ‘big pussy gal yuh no hear mi say yuh cyah pass?’ and mi say ‘Just like yuh mouth’,” she stated.

She continued detailing that she and the soldier were arguing until it escalated into him shoving her with the gun and she had to lift her hands in front of her face when he was putting it in her face, which resulted in her hand getting scraped.

The altercation continued as she tried to “grab offa him” twice, and when she missed the first time he kicked her. Her second attempt failed because her sister intervened and swung her away.


Davis shared that the memory of the gun being pointed at her triggered a terrifying memory of hers, which was when her cousin was killed.

“When dem a point dem big guns pon mi, it flashback inna mi mind how dem kill me cousin name Horaine. If him never call me big pussy gal mi wouldn’t answer him. Mi no wah nuttenn do mi baby,” she continued.

Lavern Riley, Davis’ mother is very upset over the incident and she has also spoken out about the situation, stating that persons online were passing judgments and pointing fingers without knowing the cause of the dispute. Riley is now demanding justice for her daughter and stresses that she will not rest until it comes to pass. Riley noted that the only action the JDF has taken regarding the incident was to have them sign a statement, but there was no mention of her daughter’s medical expenses being covered by the JDF.


Riley, who is a mother of seven, concluded saying they were victims of gunmen, and now the JDF was adding to their horror.

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