‘Back to the Flossing’ Flippa Says Rat Ate some of His Money Plus Talks About His upcoming event – Watch Video

Jamaican actor/artiste Andrew Davis who is more commonly known as Flippa Mafia now Flippa Moggela joined DJ Lava on the Chat and Laugh show to talk about how good he feels to be free and his future endeavours.

“Words can’t explain the meaning of freedom after all these things,” states Flippa before detailing that he went from a “King size bed” to a “small likkle cell”.

In what seems to be his first interview since being released from prison, the larger-than-life personality of Flippa is still intact with the Flossing King reminding everyone on several occasions that his money is not limited and how much he can’t live like a regular person.


According to Flippa, he checked on a box of money “wah day”, however, to his surprise rodents ate pieces of his money, he also went on to outline that he does not count money, he weighs money because of the large quantity he has.

Flippa went on to declare that he’s a happy man at the moment despite spending almost a decade in lockup. “Mi supa happy mi stress free,” says Flippa before explaining that all his nine kids are doing well, he labelled them as “A-class” students.

Seemingly the main reason for the interview, Flippa talked about his upcoming party in Philadelphia which Dj Lava is booked for.

Watch the interview below:


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