Bahamian Wife Catches Husband With Supposed Jamaican Side Chick in Car – Watch Video

A Bahamian woman confronts her cheating husband and his side chick after she caught them together in his car.

Footage taken on the incident is swirling on social media and shows the angry wife crashing her car into the opposite vehicle to stop the cheating duo from driving away. After blocking the escape path, the wife exits her car and proceeds to bash her hands against the side of the car the woman is in as the husband gets out the other side.


According to the caption for the video on Instagram, the woman was married to her husband for decades and now she finds him cheating with a Jamaican woman.

The video also shows the husband restraining his wife as she shouts at him, saying something along the lines of, “Why didn’t you leave me?”

As the man and woman are engaged, the side chick, wearing an orange dress, exits the car and casually strolls off down the street

Watch the video below:


Read what some online spectators had to say about the situation below:


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