Wife Details Giving Husband “Bun” Spitefully After Being Confronted by His Sidechick

While it is common to see people write to a pastor for advice in the Jamaica Star, sometimes the stories they tell get quite interesting, which then completely hooks the reader. One such story is that of a 40-year-old woman and her husband.

Firstly, the woman made note that she and her husband have been married for a decade. She made it known, however, that she was only faithful for approximately six years, and this was due to her finding out that her husband was having an affair with another woman. She stated that her husband did nothing when this mystery woman called her and boldly argued with her over her husband.


With that being said, her suspicions were only confirmed when she searched his phone and found messages from the woman expressing that she was pleased with the time they spent together. After she confronted him about his adulterous ways, he confessed to being unfaithful but showed her no signs of stopping. Before requesting that he end things with the woman in her presence, she found out that her husband was taking care of this mysterious young woman’s living expenses and that he got her pregnant, and she had an abortion.

Secondly, she took the initiative to find out where the “side chick” was living and made contact with the landlord. After telling the landlord that the person paying his tenant’s rent was her husband, she then found out that her husband was paying the woman’s $35,000 rent. The landlord then conveyed that he did not know the man was married; she, however, pleaded with the landlord not to let her husband find out that she had contacted him.

In what can only be described as a twist of fate, that same week her husband’s car broke down, and he asked her to assist him financially in fixing it. She maliciously declined and suggested he ask the “other woman” to help. Spitefully, he also declined to grant her any money for their shared home that month; however, through the landlord, she found out that the other woman’s rent was paid. In turn, she didn’t provide him with dinner for a week, allowing him to threaten to leave her. She made it known, however, that she was okay with that.

Lastly, she decided to get back at her husband for the emotional pain he had caused her, and she had a perfect target in mind. She knew a man who was always complimenting her physique and whom she also admired. She contacted him, and they both began communicating. While the man was living alone, he was nevertheless married; his wife resided in the USA.

The two got acquainted, and she visited his house and stayed the night. He made her feel special and even topped it off by giving her some cash; her husband, however, did not go out the following weekend. She on the other hand did; she got dressed in lingerie her husband had bought her and paid her newfound sexual partner a visit to spite her husband.

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After returning from her sexual escapade, her husband tried to physically abuse her, but on noticing that she was resisting, he stopped. She then packed her bags and called her sibling to pick her up after insisting she would kill him. He then provided her with a room at his house for her to stay after counselling them both. She has since been planning to leave the country to seek a better life and also file for divorce when she has settled in this new place.

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