Wife Cheats On Husband As Payback For His Infidelity

A 27-year-old woman is seeking advice after she cheated on her husband of two years with his best friend as punishment after finding out that he has been unfaithful in their marriage.

The woman who goes by the initial ‘R’, shared that they have a child together and are jointly paying the mortgage on a home. She indicated that throughout their relationship, there has always been openness and communication, however, this changed when someone told her that her husband is having an affair with a woman at his workplace.


According to ‘R’, she confronted him about the rumours and his response was that she “should stop listening to people”, to which she obliged. Nonetheless, her suspicion grew even more when she saw a text message from a girl professing her love and desire for him on his phone. This, she said, he could not explain and became secretive to the point where he started to password-protect his device.

To confirm her paranoia, the young woman said she began to trail her spouse but was unsuccessful during her attempts. This led her to seek help from his best friend and confidant, who promised that he would expose her husband’s cheating ways. He was able to do so three months later.

The best friend provided detailed information on her husband’s planned meet-up spot at a hotel with a particular woman. R stated that she went there, stayed outside, and at that moment, she saw her husband with the other woman.

Since then, she has been unable to have sexual intercourse with her spouse and as payback, had sex with his best friend. According to her, he invited her for a night of ‘fun’. He also has a wife and children whom she knows.

Riddled with guilt, R says that she has not been able to function since and is contemplating whether or not she should tell her husband about her infidelity, even though she knows that he still has a girlfriend. She also mentioned that her husband would likely not forgive her if he found out.

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