Woman Refuses To Repay Money Owed To Ex-Boyfriend After He Cheated

A 27-year-old young woman who comes from humble beginnings and is now employed as a teacher is seeking advice on a toxic relationship she had with a cheating ex-boyfriend.

The woman who withheld her name for the popular news column wrote that her now ex-boyfriend is 35 years of age and was unfaithful throughout their relationship. She mentioned that he had an affair with her cousin and also had a secret child with one of her schoolmates.


Despite his unfaithfulness, the young woman stated that she forgave him for having a secret child but could not forgive him for cheating with her cousin. Now, the guy’s mother who once shared a harmonious relationship with her has sided with her son and is insisting that she forgives him for both incidents.

She further mentioned in the column that her unfaithful partner also supported her financially and before their relationship became tumultuous, he had loaned her an undisclosed sum of money to complete a programme at a university abroad. The initial agreement was that when she finishes studying, she will repay him the amount owed, but, since she stopped having sex with him, he is demanding payment now.

However, due to his infidelity, she is considering not repaying him seeing that he would not be able to prove that it was a loan because they were in a relationship together.

Confused and irritated by the recent turn of events, the young woman is now seeking advice on how she should proceed with the matter. Should she repay him or should she move on without him ever receiving the amount owed, seeing that he was unfaithful throughout their relationship?

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