Wife Suspected To Be Cheating On Sick Husband With Their Taxi-man

Saturday, February 5, 2022, 8:09 PM

A young teen is in dire despair and uncertainty as she battles the possibility that her dear mother might be having an affair with a taxi driver that was hired by her sick father.

The 17-year-old described the situation which led her to believe that her mother has been unfaithful to her loving father. In the letter, she wrote how her father has not been well for months and since then, things have changed.


She mentioned how the father does not want his family to take public transportation so he hired a taxi driver to transport the family to wherever. However, she suspects that the taxi driver has been doing more than “transporting” because of her mother’s behaviour when the taxi driver brings her to her mother’s workplace while he waits for them.  


The young woman stated how she overheard an argument between their helper and her mother where a remark was made regarding her mother’s infidelity and how her mother should be at home caring for her man instead of being unfaithful with the taxi driver.

The teen stated how her mother threatened to fire the helper for the accusations made, however, went silent when the helper stated that she would tell the father everything that she has been doing.  

The helper soon resigned after a second argument ensued between her and the mother but this time, she did not restrain herself from “spilling the beans” to the sick father. She told him everything that his woman has been doing since his illness.

Since the big reveal, the teen mentioned how the father has discontinued the services of the taxi driver and has distanced himself from the mother. 

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