Girl Defecates In Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Car

Hell has no fury as a woman scorned, this proverb goes way back to 1679, but Jay had to learn the meaning of this the hard way when his girlfriend defecated on the front seat of his car.

32-year-old Tia Weathers shared a story of smelly revenge on the cheating “narcissist” she was dating for a year, who would often “gaslight the fuck” out of her. The video of her telling how she caught her boyfriend, Jay cheating was shared on TikTok and has since gone viral.

After suspecting her boyfriend was cheating she searched his phone and found his mistress’s home. After tracking him down at the location, Weathers pounded on the door, but no one came out. That was when she thought of her pooping plan.

Weathers, who is a mother of one and makeup artist, explained that she opened the car door, went inside and quickly went number 2 on his front seat, all while fearing her boyfriend and his mistress would catch her. She also sent him a heads up message before blocking him.

“Since you put me through all this shit, you can sit in my shit on the way home,” she texted.

Some days later, they sat down and spoke about the situation and he was upset about the shit she put him through, literally.

It has been a while since the incident and they are good friends now. In fact, they had hooked up again after everything happened.

Check out the video with the story of what happened below

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