Understanding Sidechick Explains Her Situation With Married Man Twice Her Age

A young woman, twenty years old, finds herself enamoured with a kind, caring, and successful businessman.

To her, he embodies all the desirable traits one wants in a partner, even though he is twice her age. His encouragement guided her through university.

In a letter to the Star’s Dear Pastor, the woman outlined that the man has extended his support in various aspects, such as financially, emotionally, and mentally. He proves to be a remarkable teacher of how a man should treat a man.

However, a significant issue lurks beneath the surface, as the man lives a dual life. He is involved in a relationship with her while being committed to his family.

He has a daughter who is two years younger than her. Though she acknowledges the impropriety of their affair, she perceives herself as his refuge, and her emotions for him are undeniably sincere.

Yet, she is not naive and acknowledges that their liaison has no long-term prospects, as he is unlikely to leave his family for her, despite prior discussions on the subject, which he tends to avoid.


The young woman senses that he loves her too, often discussing the concept of a polygamous arrangement with his partner and her. However, she does not envision this idea materializing as she respects his existing relationship, never overstepping boundaries.

She stated she occasionally sees his partner in public and on social media. However, she remains composed and non-jealous, granting him privacy to converse with her when they are together.

Regretfully, her parents are unaware of this relationship, though they suspect something is amiss. Their disapproval is palpable, and it adds to the situation’s complexity.

Despite the moral dilemma, the young woman and the man have engaged in intimate acts together, although she takes precautions to protect herself. She acknowledges that their relationship has an expiration date and may not be ideal. However, she finds immense pleasure in the present, like a drug’s intoxicating allure.

Feeling torn and uncertain, the young woman seeks the pastor’s opinion on her guilt and guidance on the way forward.

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