Wife Says She Gave Her Husband’s Bestfriend a Position Her Husband Has Never Gotten

Many females find themselves engaging in extramarital affairs as an act of retaliation for the infidelity they have endured from their partners. This popular practice, commonly known as “bun fi bun” in Jamaica, occurs in many households, including those in marital unions.

One woman recently opened up about cheating on her husband with his best friend out of spite after suffering through her husband’s unfaithfulness. The woman, a mother of two, indicated in a letter that she felt a deep sense of hurt and betrayal from her spouse’s infidelity, leading her to plan a hook-up with his best friend, who is also married.

Prior to her stepping out of her marriage, the 36-year-old said that she sought answers from her husband one day. The woman explained that she asked if there was anything she lacked, to which he answered no.

“I asked him if something was wrong with me, and he said not to his knowledge. I told him that he should really have a good look at me, and he said nothing is wrong with me,” she wrote. 

She then warned her spouse that she would leave him if he did not cease the cheating.

Her letter to Dear Pastor continued to indicate that she felt deeply hurt when her husband made an attempt to be with her friend. The husband, according to her friend, had even slept with one of their colleagues. All of this was told to the woman in secrecy by her friend, and it was after this revelation that she decided to “bun him back.”


While noting that it was not something she was proud of, the distressed wife explained that when her husband went to the country to attend a wake, she dropped her kids off at his mother’s house and invited her husband’s best friend over.

The friend, who would always shower her with compliments, knew of her husband’s illicit affairs and easily slept with her. As per her instructions, he took a taxi to the house instead of driving his car, and the two spent two hours together.

“Two hours of it, but after he left I broke down in tears. I could not believe that I had given away myself to my husband’s best friend,” she added. ” I even did a certain position with him that I have never done that with my husband.”

The woman was apparently unconcerned about her husband finding out, as she also noted that his friend would keep it a secret. The writer shared that she still intended to leave her marriage if her husband continued to cheat, especially since his friend told her that he had never gotten such good sex from his own wife. 


“If he leaves his wife for me, then I can give up on my husband because it does not seem as if he will stop whoring around,” she noted. 

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