Bahamian Wife Gets Beaten after Seeking Out Husband’s Side Chick – Watch Video

Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 2:12 PM GMT-5

After a clip was shared to social media of a Bahamian woman who caught her husband together with his side chick (who they claimed to be a Jamaican woman) in his car, another video surfaces where the women confront each other at a different location.

Based on the happenings in the last video where the side chick ambles off down the road without a care in the world and in the new footage, the wife seems to have done some sort of investigation, or gotten information as to the side chick’s whereabouts and follows her there.


The video shows a house with some outside stairs leading to a floor above and there are four women on the stairs including the wife and the side chick, along with two other bystanders on the landing. The wife is climbing the stairs while arguing with those above (tho it is unclear what the women are saying to each other).

Met with hostility, the wife is seen backing up, and down the stairs as the women advance and it gets physical, leading to the wife getting hit by the side chick and her two companions, and stumbling from the stairs to fall and hit her head on a nearby wall.

The video ends with the women still arguing.

Watch the video below:


Watch part 1. of the incident below:


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