Ban for Bleaching Creams Expected Soon

November 9, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Vendors who sell Bleaching products downtown Kingston are trying to discourage the Government Minister who is in charge of health, Dr. Christopher Tufton from banning the sale of them.

The dangerous ingredient, hydroquinone has caused the Government of Ghana to ban cosmetics containing it. This has caused Jamaican vendors to start talking about the persons who have been selling the products for many years, and they are worried about how they will earn a living if the ban is enforced.


There are those who believe the Government should not meddle in this issue, as people should be free to buy what they want for their skin; while others are saying drugs are banned because of its damaging effect on the body and it is unfair for bleaching products to be sold easily, as they have a damaging effect on the body also.

Dr. Tufton says, “Any product that poses a risk to the health is one that the Government should look at.” He might not implement an outright ban, he might implement greater regulation. Japan, the USA and Australia have already put regulations in place to restrict the use of some of the bleaching products.

There are some persons who are speaking about the link between bleaching and Cancer and there are others who say they have been lightening their skin tone for many years and they have not been diagnosed with Cancer.


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