BAWDA CAT: No Bredda Big Man Nuh Do That [Video]

Sunday, April 7, 2019, 9:02 PM GMT-5

Jamaica’s favourite construction site worker is back at it again, Another day on the work site with Bawda Cat. “mi affi a ball straight guh and come breddaa..mi affi seh bredda memba seh a nuh far we a guh enuh, when we a come back dung, mi tell him seh nuh badda guh fast though” Cat talks about crazy fast bike riding with one of his co-workers.

“everytime him a chat and turn him back mi put some raw rum inna it” Cat tells us another story about drunking his friend “Such Man” to rob his money. “tell gal seh a hole yo want” the jokes continue.

Watch full hilarious video below!


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