Beachy Stout Charged For First and Second Wife’s Murder

Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 11:25 AM GMT-5

Popular Portland businessman, Everton “Beachy Stout”, has been charged for murdering his first wife in 2009.

The woman who was known as Merlene, was outside at her home in Boundrook, where she was fatally shot.


“Stout” was arrested and charged also for the murder of his second wife, Tonia, whose scorched body was discovered in Sherwood Forest, with the throat slashed.

After Police operations were done, two men namely, Denvalyn Minott and Aska Barnes were held for the crime.

Minott eventually pleaded guilty to the court, and was offered a plea bargain which he accepted and is now serving a 19 hear prison sentence for the murder of Tonia.

According to Denvalyn, he was paid $3 million dollars by “Beachy Stout” to kill his wife and went on to hire someone else to do the murder.

Minott said that he watched while the killing was taking place which saw Tonia Mcdonald being stabbed repeatedly.

Andreen Mcdonald and her now arrested husband

On the other hand, Beachy Stout’s son was also arrested and charged for the killing of his wife, however that took place in the USA. In a story of 2 Jamaicans doing well overseas. Andreen Mcdonald was a successful businesswoman and Manager while her Husband Mr. Mcdonald who’s Beachy’s son was a veteran in the US army.

Andreen’s body went missing for a while before the police could put all the evidence together connecting her husband to the crime.

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