Beautiful Woman Places 1 Pablo at ‘Intersection’

Budding artiste 1 Pablo has a story to share with his fans with his new song ‘Intersection’ that also has a video that was shot by Shervel Thesheep and directed by Kenny Gray out of New York.

The song was produced by Libra Music, and the concept entails the artiste singing about being at a place where he is planning to move on with the progress of his life but meets a beautiful woman that catches his eyes, that he has to give some attention to.


In the chorus of the song, 1 Pablo sings about being at the intersection, even though he is a blessed man. As a result of finding himself at such a critical crossroads, the singer speaks about needing to keep going strong; however, with a touch of creativity the singer brings in the thought of the woman he is singing about stating that she is the best one and that he is holding on and pushing through.

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In the first verse of the track, 1 Pablo speaks to the fact that in his head he is going crazy, with the lines after that mentioning him meditating daily, dreaming for better days with his lovely baby. The verse itself has a repetition that sees the entertainer singing the entire thing twice which fits perfectly with the African style of music that the song was made in.

In the second verse, the singer goes into a faster flow, spitting lyrics stating that he was at the intersection moving on when Jah sent a lovely lady walking by and that he had no hesitation in asking for her name due to the energy she was carrying. With that being said, 1 Pablo is putting his words out there to the beautiful Queen, letting her know that in his direction It is all about communication and cooperation since she is so filled with passion.

The song with its music video is currently available on YouTube, and persons interested in supporting the career of the entertainer can look up ‘Intersection’, on the streaming platforms as well as follow the artiste on Instagram at @_unopablo.

Watch the debut music video below.

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