Beenie Man asked to Choose between D’Angel or Krystal?… Here’s his Answer – Video

Popular YouTube channel King mixup, recently posted a video of an Instagram live done by King Beenie Man and a female who was interviewing him in the form of a game.

The game was set up in a way which allowed the entertainer to either answer questions, or decline by taking a drink.


The first question that Beenie was asked, was about Lady Saw and how much he missed her. As expected “The Doctor” response was uncharted, in the sense where he could not explain how much he missed the former Queen of Dancehall but he expressed that he did.

He further elaborated on the matter by stating that there would never have been any hardcore modern female dancehall artistes in the Jamaican music space if it was not for Lady Saw.

The questions as expected we’re controversial and the next one was thrown at him involved, the comedian Majah Hype who was recently depressed when he saw multiple evidence of his wife cheating and was also accused of abusing her.

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The interviewer asked Beenie Man what his advice would be for Hype, which Beenie Man answered by saying that he would encourage him not to beat any woman, just leave if there is an issue that cannot be solved.

He was further asked if there was to be any other King of Dancehall who would it be, for that question Beenie Man did not have any other answer but himself.

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The “Simma” artiste was also asked to tell who was the better woman between D’angel and Krystal, for that the entertainer did take a drink.

Going on with the questions, the King of Dancehall was asked what was God for him, and for that question, he answered that God was everything and without God, nothing was possible.

Beenie Man also begged the police not to lock him up on January 28th, which is today as he will be keeping an event for his daughter and mother’s birthday.

According to Beenie Man he will be keeping a family event in the country and he doesn’t want the police to appear and try to lock him up.

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