Beenie Man’s daughter ‘Ikyra’ Bashes Krystal and D’Angel – Video

Thursday, January 28, 2021, 7:36 AM GMT-5

After not saying much initially on the topic, Beenie Man’s daughter Ikyra Davis and some of her family members appeared on live chat several times over the past few days to talk about current happenings in their lives and the main highlight of the live chats was about Beenie Man and his baby mothers.

Ikyra who is often regarded as Beenie’s twin stated days ago that “It’s isn’t my relationship… i wud not come hear to talk about a relationship i am not in”.

However in recent online appearances a lot has been said about the split between Beenie Man and Krystal which was mostly triggered by fans in the comments and her own family members who were beside her.

“Because the man nuh want yuh… you mek it look like the man nah tek care of him pickney dem” Ikyra pointed out that people should do better at co-parenting and females should stop drag the fathers when the fathers don’t want them which would appear to be a direct response and opposite to what D’Angel had to say on social media weeks ago.

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The young ladies who appeared in the video also passed on Krystal as a wife and one person even claimed that Beenie’s ex has a “man body” and that they are just additions to the many “bitches” the Dancehall Superstar has.

There was all ladies in the room

On a more positive note, Beenie Man is set to release is much anticipated “Simma” Album, read more on this story via the link below.

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