Beenie Man Calls on Supporters to Help Raise Funds to Save Dancehall Queen Carlene’s Sister, Pinky, From Cancer – Watch Video

Reported as gravely ill due to cancer, King of Dancehall Beenie Man starts an initiative to save the sister of the country’s first Dancehall Queen, Carlene Smith, called the “Pinky Initiative.”

UPDATE: Watch: Beenie Man Appears With Pinky and Pleads for Supporters to Help Treat Her Stage 4 Cancer


Started under his charity, the Beenie Man Foundation, he seeks to assist Pinky financially by asking his fans and other well-wishers to donate to his foundation so that Pinky will be able to afford the treatment needed to give her a fighting chance.

Taking to his Instagram Story, the Dreaming Of You artiste took the time out to plead with the public for help.

Stressing that his ex’s (Carlene) sister was really sick and needs all the help that she can get, Beenie Man mentioned in the video that he would be going Live on his Instagram page on Wednesday, April 19, where anyone who is willing will be able to donate to the Pinky Initiative by sending funds to the account number that will be shown.

“Pinky is one of di first Dancehall woman…she have cancer…we can save her but we need 50,000 USD. So to all my fans and well-wishers if you have a dollar or a five dollar…just send it,” he stated. He continued by saying, “Tomorrow we a guh Live and mi agguh put up the account number weh unnuh can send the money come.”

He politely ended the video by saying, “The doctor say we can save her. So thank you, please.”

Watch the full video below:

UPDATE: Watch: Beenie Man Appears With Pinky and Pleads for Supporters to Help Treat Her Stage 4 Cancer

Pinky is battling stage four breast cancer in the lymph nodes after she was diagnosed with the disease in 2020 after a visit to the doctor for a regular check-up. Treatments to aid her recovery failed and in 2022, the cancer spread to other parts of her body.

On the other hand, Carlene has been actively campaigning to raise funds for her sister and a little over 1,500 USD has been raised so far.

See the fundraiser page below:

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More info in the video below:

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