Beenie Man’s daughter ‘Desha’ tells why she don’t like his girlfriend Krystal Tomlinson

[Sharingbuttons]In a recent Fiwichoice interview Daughter of king of the dancehall Beenie Man was first asked about her opinion on the fact that her father chose not to dance with his baby mother and wife D’Angel, Desha replied saying that she think her dad should have given D’Angel a dance and was very quick to point out that she don’t like Krystal.

“Mi nuh really too like Krystal Tomlinson” Desha said, when asked why, the skinny ravers dancer pointed out that for one, they are the same age and secondly Krystal did not try to build a relationship with her but instead tried be her enemy.

No respect between the two because of their similarity in age. News broke last year that Desha and Beenie Man were not seeing eye to eye however the general public did not know what was the root of the problem, could this be it?

Meanwhile in a recently released groovy song called Twingy Twanga off the Belly Bounce Riddim Been Man said “Me stop love Desha gaye I would never never, Cause all a mi kids them born inna dancehall”.

Beenie Man opens up on BAD relationship with daughter “Desha Ravers” + sickle cell foundation etc [Video]

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