Beenie Man’s Summer Sizzle in Clarendon

[Sharingbuttons]Beenie Man is celebrating his 45th birthday and he wanted to do something special for the people in Clarendon as the parish has been plagued by crime. He is saying since Montego Bay which is another place that had a lot of murders could have Reggae Sumfest and it was good. Then resuscitating, the Summer Sizzle event and having it in Clarendon is a great idea.

When asked what Summer Sizzle could do for Clarendon, he spoke about the effect of music on people and how people would find ways to relate to each other in a better way when they come together to enjoy themselves. Added to that there has not been a stage show in Clarendon for a very long time and he wanted to do

The Summer Sizzle event is all about fun for the whole family, as there is fun and games for the children all day and entertainment for adults with many artistes performing until night. This show can be seen as a peace movement Beenie Man believes the violence is rampant when people decide to hurt each other, but when they are having fun together the violence will just disappear.

The artiste feels good about being able to put on a show for the people without entering a competition where he would need to fill out an application and if the other competitors where better than him, he would find himself waiting for one more year to re enter.

Let’s hope Summer Sizzle will be a huge success and there will be an end to the violence and crime in Clarendon and other places in Jamaica.

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