Best Scenes from Jamaica Carnival: Shenseea, Kai Cenat, Coi Leray, Swiiss Lee, Adin Ross, Pamputtae, Stacious, D’Angel and More – Watch Videos

The April 7 Carnival in Jamaica was a joyous occasion for many as thousands of revellers flooded Kingston to participate in the annual Road March. Scantily dressed women flaunting their bodies in eye-catching costumes engaged in raunchy dances with men, including Kai Cenat, Swiiss Lee, Ray and Adin Ross.

The prominent American live streamer, Kai Cenat, embraced the carnival spirit on Sunday as multiple videos surfaced online showing him dancing with women in a raunchy fashion. One of the videos shows him whining with a woman, who later twerks on his friend and fellow live streamer Ray.


Watch one of the many videos of Kai Cenat and Ray below:

Another video shows Kai dancing on a different woman’s butt, appearing very focused during the raunchy display. The festivities elicit cheers from onlookers.

Watch the video of Kai Cenat below:

A different video shows Kai daggering another female while his crew surrounds them. Other men can also be seen in the video having an amazing time daggering women to the infectious music blasting via the speakers.

Watch the video of Kai Cenat below:

Other public male figures that were captured on camera dancing are Swiiss Lee and Adin Ross. In one of the videos, Adin and Swiiss are casually walking among a crowd when they suddenly break into dance moves.

They were captured in a second video dancing with a female, in which Adin can be seen excitedly jumping.

Watch the videos of Adin Ross and Swis Lee:

Additionally, Dancehall artiste D’Angel showcased her dancing skills at Carnival. The entertainer can also be seen in a video whining in a unique lavender and blue outfit.

Watch the video of D’Angel below:

Another Dancehall artiste, Shenseea, came out rocking a red costume. Shenseea attended the carnival with Coi Leray, who rocked a butterfly costume in yellow, blue, and lavender. Additionally, the entertainer can be seen performing Shen Yeng Anthem while ZJ Sparks holds her, providing support to prevent her from falling off the truck.

Watch the videos of Shenseea, Coi Leray, and ZJ Sparks below:

Also, Dancehall artistes Pamputae and Stacious apparently had an amazing time in matching costumes, which can be seen in photos.

A number of police officers were also present at the location, overseeing the festivities.

Also, check out another raunchy video from the festivities below:

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