Best Sports Apps Every Fan Needs to Download!

December 10, 2021

Sports fans will know that they need to have the very best apps available to them and downloaded on their compatible devices to ensure that they get the very best sporting experience possible.

Indeed, with so many currently available to download on the respective app stores for each type of device that is currently around that offer something incredibly similar to another, it can be rather difficult to find one that can provide sports fans with everything that they could possibly want all in one place.


Nonetheless, the five that have been mentioned below will be a great starting point for those who are looking to get one of the very best experiences around when trying to stay ahead of the game or even remain as updated as possible.

We do have to give an honorable mention to apps such as YouTube and social media networks like Twitter, though, as these can be brilliant for fans who wish to know minute-by-minute updates, as well as those who want to see the latest video highlights around. However, as we assume many will already have these platforms downloaded, we have decided to omit them from the list of must-haves that we have created.

Bleacher Report

Arguably, one of the best sports resources that are available to download for those who wish to get the latest news updates from a variety of different reputable outlets, Bleacher Report is an app that is a must.

The application is one that will cover all the different sports that can be found around the world, with fans able to customize their options and tailor them to their preferences. Whether you enjoy American Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, ice hockey or combat sports such as MMA, UFC or Wrestling, there is no stone uncovered. The latest stories – and those that break – can all be found within the app, as can a number of video updates, as well.

Unibet App

The Unibet App is perhaps the best sports betting app in VA at the moment and that is simply down to what punters who enjoy placing wagers on the action are able to experience when using it.

The app is one of the cleanest and freshest around, with those participating in sports gambling able to find all they need easily and within an instant, thus making sure that their live betting experience is as good as it can be. In addition to providing punters with exceptional accessibility, a plethora of different betting markets can be used whilst some of the most competitive odds can also be taken advantage of! Oh, and do not forget the bonuses that can be used, as well!



For soccer lovers around the world, there might not be a better app that is available than the one that has been created by Football Addicts, named Forza Football – Live Scores.

The app provides users with all of the latest scores from each and every league around the world, with the major competitions providing users with live updates as they happen, such as goal alerts, substitutions, team line-ups, video highlights when available and even news. In addition, there is the possibility to take an in-depth look at competitions, such as league tables, whilst each team’s fixture list and previous results can be viewed in an instant.


The NFL is one of the most-followed league competitions within the entire United States, which is why it would have to be considered a no-brainer for anyone who does have a team or follows the sport closely to have this app on their device.


The NFL app will provide fans with everything that they need to know, including real-time updates and the latest news that takes place around the league. On game day, fans will be able to keep track of the live scores and will be able to take a look at the statistics of each game as they happen if they are unable to watch them live. Moreover, those with an NFL Game Pass will be able to use the app to watch whichever game they want and the highlights available, depending on the subscription they have.

The Athletic

Another subscription-based service that sports fans should have if they want to remain up-to-date with the latest news, opinions and analysis is The Athletic’s app.


Readers will be able to enjoy long-form pieces that go a lot further in-depth compared to some of the other media outlets across a variety of different sports, with each article actually providing a takeaway that can help fans better understand what and why something has happened.


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