Beware of Serial Rapists in St Ann

Monday, February 1, 2021, 2:51 PM GMT-5

Residents say that they are currently afraid to walk freely in Ochi, base on the fact that these rapists are kidnapping people in broad daylight. It’s frightening for both adults and children.

Police are on the hunt for two men that are going around kidnapping people in Ochi Rios St. Ann. Police are calling on the residents of St. Ann to help find these monsters and bring them to justice.


According to a Doctor, they have patients coming in saying they have been kidnapped in broad daylight by two-man who attacked them with a knife, throw them in a car, drove them to an unknown location as far as Portland, where they rape them for a few days.

Two of the victims that have been questioned say these men have sexual intercourse with and without protection, so far more than 6 girls have shown up to hospital with similar complains. The girls look to warn others to beware of locations such as fern gully and pineapple areas.

The community of pineapple is blown away by the abduction and rape of a 42 year old woman.

A relative of one rape victim said “It was her day off, she go Ochi to buy and on her way coming back in a broad day light she standing at the clock waiting to cross the road, by standing at the banking side waiting them stop the car pull her in and drive off with her, that what she tell us. It was two man them both rape her night and day until early morning them kick her out a the car, they take her from Ochi to Portland. She have a $1,000 bill in her pocket and she pay her fare from there to get back inna ochi.”

Her relative share that someone contacted her to let her know that the victim was in Ochi Town walking and acting strange. They went to her need with other family members and took her to the police station and then the police took her to the Hospital.

The residents are crying out for jungle justice for these rapists because these actions will continue to take place if these criminal feel they will just go to jail eat taxpayer money and be free again in few years.


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