BigShip Captain Freddie Mcgregor’s Talks New Project etc

Sunday, May 19, 2019, 12:46 PM GMT-5

“Big ship sailing on the ocean” Reggae icon Freddie Mcgregor appeared onstage to give Jamaica an update on his upcoming music and other matters affecting the country.


Jah Dore, Mcgregor started off his interview by bashing the police officers who cut off fellow reggae artiste Jah Dore sons hair “what happened to Jah Dore should not happen to no other Jamaican family” Freddie went on to explain that he could not imagine what happened to Jah Dore kids reaching his family “today you have more dreadlocks woman and man than ever before in this country” he states.

New Album on the way says Freddie but “no rush”, he explains that his released song “go Freddie go” will be on the album. Mcgregor promises to stick to his roots in the new album, the big ship captain went on to state that he likes some of the new music but the beats sound too much like hiphop.

“we trying to get it ready for August” he hopes to release the album this summer but it could be pushed back to a further date.


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