Biker Shoots Cop In Front Police Station In St. Andrew

Early Saturday morning, a policeman was left nursing a gunshot wound after he was shot and injured by a motorcyclist while carrying out spot-check duties in the Grants Pen community of Saint Andrew. 

Reports are that the officer signalled the biker to stop. But instead, the rider disobeyed the order and pulled out a firearm. He pointed the weapon at the officer and fired. The policeman sustained an injury to his leg, and the motorcyclist fled.

This incident occurred at approximately 6 am in front of the Grants Pen police station. 

Colleagues, upon hearing the gunshot came to his assistance and rushed him to the hospital. The area was cordoned off and processed by crime scene detectives for forensic evidence. 

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The Grants Pen community is known historically for its volatile nature, but the shooting of a policeman in front of a police station is deeply troubling. In terms of distance, Grants Pen is approximately 2.9 kilometers from Halfway Tree, the parish capital, and roughly 4.2 kilometers from Kingston, the nation’s capital.

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