Bishop Kevin Smith Killed in Car Crash

Monday, October 25, 2021, 11:41 AM GMT-5

As confirmed by the Police moments ago, controversial Pathways church Leader Kevin Smith passed away moments ago in a reported car crash that took place along the Bog Walk Bypass located in St. Catherine.

A police man who was traveling in the same vehicle also lost his life early Monday morning as Smith was being transferred from Montego Bay to the CIB headquarters in Downtown, Kingston.

Three other cops were injured in the incident. 

Police sources told OBSERVER ONLINE that Smith was being transported in an unmarked police vehicle when the accident occurred. 

Smith was being transferred to Kingston reportedly because of the behaviour of officers at the Montego Bay location where he was being held. As seen in a video that went viral over the weekend, the police officers at the location were joking around with Smith, he was not in handcuffs and seemingly got some leeway at the location.

Sources explain that the car that Smith was traveling in collided with another vehicle.

The church leader was detained earlier in the month after police went to his Pathways chruch, acting on information about human sacrifices being done at the church. A shootout took place on the compound before the law enforcers could gain entry to the church, this resulted in one person being shot and killed, two other persons were found dead with cut wounds.

Persons are currently questioning the pastor’s death on social media, saying they want more evidence because they don’t trust the system.

See footage of the pastor being taken from the crashed car below.

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