Bizarre Failed Armed Robbery at Restaurant Caught on Camera – Watch Video

This footage shows the moment a man armed with a pistol attempted to rob a group of people who were sitting and eating at a restaurant. The video shows at least 4 men along with a female gathered around a table, eating.

Seconds into the video, a man appeared wearing a white shirt, biker helmet and a pistol in hand, he next held on to one of the seated man’s shirt and seemingly demanded valuables while waving the pistol. He next backed off and the man sitting to the left of the CCTV footage can be seen reaching and pulling a gun.


After pulling the gun, shots were fired, resulting in the robber getting shot, and another man riding a bike was also shot, however, it’s questionable if he was in on the act based on the two different camera angles of the incident.

The time stamp on the video states that the incident took place on the 22nd of April, 2024, shortly after midday and based on comments online, it took place in Colombia.

One person watched and commented, “Should shot the guy who reached in the baby blue shirt while u had the drop on him but u backed away cause u aint bout that armed robbery life.” Another person stated, “The biker in black didn’t even have anything to do with it 🤦🏾‍♂️.”

Further reports claim that one of the men shot succumbed to his injuries.

Watch the footage below:

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