Footage Shows Bizarre Gun Battle in St. James

A shootout conducted by multiple armed individuals was captured on camera as the incident unfolded in a community in St. James.

The incident appears to have been a planned ambush, with the assailants seemingly aware of exactly where their targets would be.

In the footage, a black Toyota Voxy can be seen parked at the intersection of a road.

As a second Voxy drives down the main road, multiple men descend from the vehicle.

However, the second Voxy does not appear to have been the target, as one of the men begins firing on a black Mark X that drives into view and crashes into the second Voxy.

The crash seemingly badly damaged the Mark X, as the driver could not properly manoeuvre the vehicle afterwards.

The crash resulted in what appears to be a gun battle, a type of shootout that is usually seen in the movies.

Watch the attack CLICK: HERE

The Mark X’s two seemingly male inhabitants were later forced to flee on foot up the road as two assailants from the first vehicle continued to shoot at them.

Based on the footage the targets managed to escape the attack.

Watch the attack CLICK: HERE

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