Black Mattic Ready To Make a Difference in Dancehall

Thursday, November 11, 2021, 4:34 PM GMT-5

My best album to date,” is how international recording artiste Black Mattic has described his latest body of work, which is set to literally ‘RESET’ the musical game. Declaring, “a me a di difference inna Dancehall,” Black Mattic describes his musical style as “dancehall foundation with a fusion of mainstream pop/rap,” as he effortlessly tells his story while expressing his own ideology through music at the highest standard.

‘RESET’, the 20-track album, is locked and loaded for release on December 6, 2021, and fans will be in for a real treat, as Black Mattic shows off his versatility on tracks like ‘Mile Walk’, ‘Yeah 4x’, ‘Black Girl Green Money’, ‘Drive By’, and ‘Block Head’ to name a few. The album pulled together this dynamic body of work from notable producers across the world. Fans can expect the likes of Yonas K and Currito Merino (Europe), Jae Mally (Africa), The Architect (USA) and 3D, ZJ Elektra and Richie Di Studio (Jamaica). Others featured on the album include Claire Ha from Korea, Geisho from Spain, and Quantum from Jamaica.

Dancehall artiste Black Mattic

To add even more value, there will be 17 copies of the ‘RESET’ album which will be minted as NFTs (nonfungible tokens). This is a new type of digital asset that is specifically designed to represent ownership of something that is unique and scarce. So, for long term holders and investors who are into collectables, this would be the perfect digital asset for them. The blockchain technology which the NFTs will be minted on, will be released later. 

Black Mattic demonstrates how to expand and talk about ideas musically in all subject areas with specific reference to the financial influence he has placed on his music. He continues to be consistent and versatile with his clarity, lyrical stylings, storytelling, and authenticity of his music. 

‘RESET’, even as the name suggests, a new beginning is unfolding and the transition of the future of dancehall to a new generation, moving from one era to the next is unavoidable. Even his artwork is coded with information that alerts his listeners to what is coming next not only in the music but also in the world. 

Black Mattic is getting set to shoot a total of 10 music videos in support of ‘RESET’, as he says, “feedback has been positive all across the board and the supporters are curious to hear the full album”.  

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SOURCE: @TaylorMade876

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