Black Ryno Exposes Popcaan As Informer – Video

Thursday, October 14, 2021, 3:42 PM GMT-5

Dancehall artiste Black Ryno, has dipped in the old feud bag for information that some persons might not be shocked that he pulled for however, the things he said in a recent Instagram Live video which he made the revelations might be an eye-opener to some fans.

It seems as if the “Thug Anthem” deejay was enjoying a casual talk with his followers when someone representing the “Unruly Camp”, began comparing him to the group’s leader Popcaan, who was formerly a member of the Vybz Kartel led ” Gaza”.

In the video done by Ryno, the entertainer stated that he is glad that he was never there when the police came for the “Worl Boss”, however, the ” Stinga” hinted on the live, that the “Unruly” artiste was responsible since he is an informer who has sold out his friends for fame and to reach the top.

Black Ryno also spoke out against the “Unruly” fan, that their artiste was the person who started a vibe at Sting, only to end up calling the Police stating that if he or any of his friends got hurt from the altercation that he and the “Real Stinga” got into, that the artiste would be going to prison.

Going further in his defence as against the Popcaan follower, Ryno outlined that he left the “Gaza” because he was bad and not taking any beat or disrespect which he explained that the “Unruly” artiste stayed and took.

The entertainer went on to describe the “Unruly” followers as persons who did too much talking and liked to be seen however, to give his fans a backdrop of how “Poppi” was introduced to the “Gaza” Ryno stated that he was the person who introduced him, and even rented his first car for him which he end up crashing causing the “Stinga” to pay the owner for it.

Black Ryno also claimed that on several occasions he had to pay off the police for Popcaan since they often caught him driving without a license.

In the same video in response to a taunting follower, the deejay asked “Kartel can beat who?”, further telling the person who made their remarks to do their research and find out what they did at Big Yard which was popularised by Vybz Kartel as the “Gaza” studio location.

Black Ryno also stated that when people heard himself, Jah Vinci, Shawn Storm, and other “Gaza” members singing about an Informer, the leader of the “Unruly” camp, was who they were referring to.

Will Popcaan respond to this video? We will need to wait and see how things turn out.

Watch Ryno below.

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