Blak Ryno and Prince Swanny Trade Disses on Social Media – See Text Messages

Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno and Trinidadian-born Dancehall entertainer Prince Swanny seem to still be in the midst of their beef on social media over the alleged stealing of the other’s musical style.

According to Blak Ryno, the 25-year-old, among other entertainers in the business, is using his style to gain popularity in the industry. Ryno also mentioned that the world at large was also able to tell, as the public has said so.

“A my style the whola unu a use. A nuh mi say it, a e world say suh,” he said in a direct message on Instagram. This was in response to Swanny sending him a message on the platform stating, “Yow stop call muh name innah yuh f**kry dawg.”

The name of the late Sixx crew member, Rebel Sixx, was also called by Ryno stating, “I ain’t rebel , try know that .” Allegedly, Rebel was killed in Trinidad and Tobago during a gang-related shooting incident in 2020, and Ryno seems to be implying that Swanny was involved.

Accompanying the screenshot of the back and forth between Prince Swanny and Black Ryno, was a video of the song Big Belly Matic, by Ryno and Iceberg Campbell, which was seemingly issued as a warning to Swanny.

The post was captioned, “g Smady Tag him (prince_swanny) and tell him to swipe left. What is a swan to a stinga,” while the song lyrics warned, “Big belly matic innah waist, bwoi, tell dem say a wi a lock di place, yow bwoi. Bullet by the box and by the case, push yuh face out if you brave, man collect them innah haste.”

Although some fans remain on Blak Ryno’s side in the online quarrel, others question how Swanny stole his style and were disappointed in Ryno’s diss against his fellow Dancehall star. Someone said, “A facts tho definitely your style,” while another mentioned, “I hope this is only lyrical war.”

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