Blak Ryno Appears In New Video Stating That He’s Good, No Car Crash

April 26, 2019 12:36 PM

Now the whole dancehall community can breathe some sigh of relief after a visual appeared online of an OK Blak Ryno stating that his death was a rumour just like previous cancer rumour.

Blak Ryno States “Yo hear weh mi a seh… si dah rumour suppn yah mi see them a duh stop it, from last year dem a do it… last year unuh seh mi have cancer mi inna hospital and then unuh come back inna the year again mi si the story popup again seh mi have cancer… seen, then now mi inna accident… mi jus wah mi people them fi know seh look at mi mi have oxygen..” Ryno in the video clip states that the story did not come from his close friends nor families ” everything good” he said.


Earlier reports stated that the former Portmore Gaza Empire artiste was involved in a fatal car crash, then further reports stated that Ryno was in Hospital now a video is circulating of Blak Ryno stating otherwise.

It’s reported that Blak Ryno Posted the video to his social media page then deleted it shortly after. It’s still unclear what’s really going on.

Iriefm also reported earlier that Ryno was involved in a car accident, on the other hand, some persons still think that this is fake death news from Blak Ryno’s camp to get hot again.
Watch full viral video of Blak Ryno below!


Upon checking the Deejay’s social media pages we are yet to find any concrete proof on his current situation, with that said we’ll be providing an update on the matter asap.

This video was posted recently by Blak Ryno promoting his Psalms 35 song.



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