Bob Marley Is The Number 8th Richest Dead Celebrity Of All Time According To Forbes

Monday, November 16, 2020, 6:28 PM GMT-5

Bob Marley, has definitely in his time made a statement to the world but still manages to do so even in his death due to the legacy that he left behind.

Forbes has listed the “One Love” icon, as the 8th highest-paid celebrity who has died. This achievement is coming in from various sources including his music, Family brand House of Marley and more.

Just this year Alone the King of Reggae has amassed billions of streams for his songs and often tops the Reggae Billboard, and Itunes list.

The Marley family that manages his legacy, has been reported to have made $14 million, dollars adding to the wealth of the Legend.

The house of Marley business, owned by the family also earned 3 million dollars this year, based on merchandise and musical equipment that have been reported to be highly rated products.

Bob Marley has 13 studio albums under his belt that his family continues to benefit from.

The Legend Album in specific, was very successful after it’s release in 1984, and to this day remains documented as the best selling musical album of all times.

Bob Marley with his 8th place position on the forces list of richest dead celebrities, sits beside the likes of Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jackson who is reported to be the wealthiest with 48 million dollars.

Even though Bob Marley died in 1981, his legacy certainly did not and it would not be a surprise to see him at a better place on the list next year.

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