Bob43K Tells Fake Choppas To “Stop Di Cap” In New Music Video

Thursday, May 5, 2022, 4:28 PM GMT-5

Nathaniel Cole, known professionally as Bob43K, is a rising Jamaican Dancehall artist, singer and songwriter, born and raised in Spanish Town, who is now looking to kick off the door to the industry with his music. Currently, the deejay resides in Florida where he has been putting in the work to establish his Label “SHEISTY GANG ENT”.

The newest track released by the entertainer is a song called “Stop Di Cap”, which he released with an official video. The song was also produced by his own “SHEISTY GANG ENT” recording label and is all about the promotion of the “Choppa lifestyle”.

Bob43K starts the song with a chorus that he uses to tell his opposers to “Stop Di Cap”, further letting them know that they are not real “Choppas” and that he “Chops” up to $30,000 a day which makes it easy for him to get oral fetishes from enemy’s girl.

The song continues with the same theme throughout, with the deejay going into details about how he does his “Chopping”, and techniques such as getting his client’s social security information to make his moves along with deposits from them. The artiste also uses the song to explain his past, and how he was seen as a nobody by his teachers in school but is now making it big.

In the official music video for the song, Bob43K could be seen with a lot of cash showing, along with a firearm prop which he shows while vibing by himself in three different scenes.

With his very own style and flow, Bob43K is looking to make his mark in the music industry.

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Watch Bob43K’s “Stop Di Cap” official music video below.

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