Bodies Found in Shallow Graves, in Spanish Town

Monday, February 26, 2018, 9:55 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Residents in some parts of Spanish Town, St. Catherine are both shocked and fearful; after the Security forces dug up shallow graves in the area recently. Quite a number of bodies have been found in these graves. They want the Police to quickly find the guilty murderers and put them away, so there can be an end to the killing.

Four bodies were discovered in shallow graves during a joint operation; with both the police and the soldiers. It has been reported that the bodies shows signs of violent injury. 

One of the bodies which was found last Saturday, was identified, as a 21 year old Kemar Donaldson. He was charged for manslaughter before he was reported missing. 

It is reported that the operations began in the March Pen area, on the Saturday, where 3 bodies were found. Residents are extremely worried, as the amount of murders in the area has climbed to 30 since the beginning of the year, the fact that bodies are being buried in shallow graves, could cause diseases to break out in the area. Bodies belong in Cemeteries and not close to residences, the people who live in the area have said.

They hope there will be an end to this new practice soon.

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