Bogle’s Son Likkle Wacky Talks About His Father And Wanting to Set His Own Trend – Watch Interview

Son of legendary dancehall dancer Mr Wacky aka Bogle, Likkle Wacky is following in his father’s footsteps as it relates to being an entertainer but not as a dancer. However, Likkle Wacky says he wants to set his own unique trend like his dad.

According to the dancehall artiste, “Me nuh really three follow.”

Likkle Wacky, whose given name is Tyrecce Levy, recently made his debut on Onstage TV for an interview as he discussed his journey into music and his father’s legacy. The young artiste also paid respect to the musicians who highlighted and kept his dad’s name alive with their music.

Likkle Wacky and Winford Williams

“Respect to every artiste out there weh try fi defend my father name and try fi carry on the legacy, every dancer as well Boysie yuh have Shelly Belly same way still a do the thing Masicka recently release a hit track me father name a like the base a the song yuh see it, Ding Dong same way wul heap a artiste Elephant Man all a them,” Likkle Wacky outlined.

After the youngster paid his respect to his fellow artistes for help keeping his dad’s name still relevant, Winford asked Likkle Wacky about the feedback he has been getting from his music. Likkle Wacky responded by stating, “Yeah me nah tell no lie me nuh regret music none at tall none at all yuh zeet from school days me a dweet and me just overtime me grow a love u zeet a my happy place a my likkle rrr u zeet.”

Likkle Wacky

Likkle Wacky admitted he didn’t get his father dancing attributes; hence he is solely focusing on creating music instead by disclosing the numerous musical projects he has released and in reserve.

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In closing, Likkle Wacky points to his education and finishing school, which has helped with his musical abilities; he also advised youngsters to stay in school.

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See the interview below:

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