Beenie Man Clears His Name again Of Bogle’s Murder

Thursday, October 8, 2020, 3:37 PM GMT-5

Beenie Man is again defending himself against the allegations that were thrown at him in the past years concerning the death of the legendary Jamaican Dancer Bogle properly known as Gerald Levy.

Beenie Man, in an interview with the “Teach Dem” YouTube channel, stated that he and Bogle were close friends, and the two of them did not have any major disputes.

Beenie told “Teach dem” that he and Bogle did, however, have disagreements because he started to work with “Dancer John Hype”.

The “Girls Dem Sugar” said that Bogle was still his friend after the disagreement. He said Levy was one of the persons who visited him in the hospital when he got caught in the car crash.

The veteran deejay made the point that it was another dancer by the name of “Ice”, who propagated the rumors that he killed Bogle. He said that John Hype who he began to work with also got his house burned down for the same reason.

Previously Beenie Man was brought under the radar as the late veteran Dancer, “Labba Labba” in the past year released information pointing to Beenie Man as the person who gave the order for Bogle’s murder, which was done by way of shooting at a gas station.

Beenie has, however, cleared the air and is letting the people know that music is what he does, and his badness stopped from 1991.

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He also stated that he did not want to go to Jail for the matter as he probably would have ended up in prison for a murder he did not commit, something that he says is common in Jamaica.

Beenie Man recently lost his mother affectionately known as “Mama Lilieth”. While on a more positive note he recently celebrated his daughter’s 2nd birthday and is looking to drop his new album “SLIMMA”.

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