Bounty and Popcaan Diss and Make Fun of Mr Vegas

Dancehall entertainer Popcaan has joined in on the fun of mocking Mr. Vegas, the Ova Dweet artiste recently commented on a disrespectful post created by the veteran deejay Bounty Killer. The post uploaded to the entertainer’s Instagram handle includes a mermaid-looking creature with Vegas’s head photoshopped on the despicable-looking creature.

Along with the disturbing imagery, Bounty wrote the following caption, “Mermale/ Mermaid, boi weh di song deh, weh unuh seh claat one more inna him fish face wid him fish pace, pooosie me ready nuh dis yu want yu seh.”

The veteran artiste apparently is calling out Vegas for his delayed response to his latest diss track aimed at Vegas entitled Spin Barrel in the Instagram post.

However, what makes this post more interesting is when fellow deejay Popcaan gave his reaction to the post. The Unruly boss replied to the post by writing, “Jah Jah god,” along with a whole lot of laughing emojis.

A few fans of Popcaan were not pleased with the entertainer’s response, stating that it is best Popcaan stay out of the lyrical feud and not choose any side, suggesting that he should rather stay focused on his musical career instead.

However, Bounty was having none of it as he quickly went to the Family artiste’s defence, telling fans they should leave the artiste alone, stating that Popcaan is a badman and him nuh friend fish.

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Fans who are well aware of how Mr. Vegas operates as it relates to diss and entertainers taking his opponent’s side are predicting that at least a couple of lines will be aimed at Popcaan for his recent reaction when Vegas goes to pen his next diss track for Bounty Killer.

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