Bounty Calls Alkaline’s Album “Flop Prize”

Dancehall artiste Alkaline recently released his sophomore album “Top Prize”, which debuted at number one on the Itunes reggae chart and was given a number 6 position across all genres. Meanwhile, the statistics are saying great things are going on for the album, veteran Deejay, Bounty Killer seems to be of a different opinion.

The 5-star general’s thoughts on Alka’s project came due to a comment someone wrote on one of his Instagram posts seemingly defending the “Vendetta Boss” saying ‘Nobody nuh vex breda U a big man or wah killa”, the person went on to state “sometimes me wonder… you buss vado suh me nah go style u still but if me see u a keep up fuxxry same way me a go make u block mi”.


The same person continued with the same comment by saying “leave the young yute dem alone… A wah mi hear you a talk bout unity enuh @grungadzilla”.

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Bounty did not spare, the person the last word in the comment as he snapped back by stating “Unuh running out of argument now still boring hush topic at hand same way Chip Glock is badder than every song on Flop prize”.

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It is no strange news to the Dancehall space that the “Grung Gad” and Alkaline have their differences with both artistes throwing disses at each other in the past but to see the veteran call the youngster’s project “Flop Prize” is something to note, especially since he highlighted Vybz Kartel’s “Chip Glock” as being better than any track on the album.

When analyzed, the song “Chip Glock” would most certainly fall into the categories of songs that the Prime Minister has claimed have contributed to crime in Jamaica, and Bounty Killer was also one of the entertainers who expressed deep regret for uttering certain lyrics.

Based on his support of the new “Kartel” song, and his bashing of Alkaline, people are now wondering if there was hypocrisy involved when “Killer” made certain talks.

Last week, Bounty said that fans should expect the biggest dancehall album that has been released over the past two decades. In the post, The Killer showed off what appears to be the “Y’album” cover image and wrote a lengthy side note that started as followed “Since everybody and dem granny making album this year”. Check out the full statement below.

bounty killer album

A fan reacted to Bounty’s post, outlining that his side note seems to be directed to “one main artiste”. The Grunggaad was quick to reply, telling the person to go “chunk(chuck) off inna yuh artiste and soak it up a who you mon”. 

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