Bounty Calls-Out PM Holness and Questions Huge JCF Protest

Just yesterday a group of over 300 Police Officers protested in front of the Supreme Court in Downtown Kingston, for being underpaid and not being compensated for overtime they had done. All this was going on while a case was being tried against the government concerning the situation which as reported by the Jamaica Star, pushed members of the constabulary force to write a letter requesting compensation and demanding it to be given within a two-year time frame.

The “Poor People Govana”, Bounty Killer had much to say about the matter and if there was any entertainer to speak on the ongoing situation it would surely be him. The “5 Star General fi di army” wrote in defence of the underpaid Police officers on his Instagram account in a post that included him sharing the viral video of JCF officers protesting Downtown.

In the caption of the post, Bounty Killer expressed his opinion by writing that a hungry man is an angry man, going on to call out the Prime Minister by asking if the underpayment of the police is the crime management he was talking about.

Even though the entertainer showed much pity to the JCF he did not spare his wrath from them as he launched a question to them asking if their protest was illegal, further telling them that was the reason why they should not bother the public when they voice their opinions in a likely manner. Bounty Killer went on to let the Police know they should not let the same Government that is paying them have them programmed.

Check out his post below.

The “Killa” was very diplomatic in his words indeed but verbally brutal nonetheless. Will other artistes follow suit and speak out for the Police? What do vloggers like Footah Hype and Mr Vegas think about the situation? We will just have to wait and find out.

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