Bounty gives Kartel props for “Under Water”

Friday, April 20, 2018, 6:18 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Bounty Killer praised Vybz Kartel recently for his new song “Under Water” and said the song has real dancehall sounds. He even wrote a post on Social Media about how he felt about the song. Social Media and persons connected with the music industry are feeling good about the reconciliation.

No one knows who is using the Instagram account that belongs to Vybz Kartel since he is incarcerated. But someone had a conversation with Bounty on the post and the dancehall fans were glad to see all that was being said.

A lot of persons know that Kartel is the protege of Bounty Killer and there were comments on the post about learning from Killer and made references to learning while being a part of the Alliance. Statements like these were made as someone commented on Killer’s post as they used Kartel’s account.

Bounty Killers Manager has weighed in on the new happenings; he feels that it is a good look for dancehall. He even explained that the differences between the two artistes didn’t change the fact that they liked each other’s music and they maintained a certain level of respect for each other.

Fans are happy that the differences between both artistes seem to be buried in the past and they could be ready to do music together again one day.

Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel had a feud that started in 2006 and got really bad in 2009. Killer didn’t like Kartel’s bleaching and Kartel told Killer that he was past his prime. It is clear that Bounty is a God fearing person and he always wants what is best for the music business, and that’s why it is easy for disagreements to be sorted out when he decides to move on in life.

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