Bounty Killer And Girlfriend Claudia Split?

Tuesday, June 14, 2022, 8:10 AM GMT-5

The huge event at Digicel’s head office on June 12 celebrating Bounty Killer’s 50th birthday was a success, however, that is not what some people are talking about, as it seems Bounty and his girlfriend, Claudia, are no longer together.

This rumour came into play after an anonymous sender over on Jamaica Matey Groupie Pinkwall Instagram account enlightened the readers that on June 12, Bounty’s girlfriend left for vacation when her boyfriend would be celebrating his birthday.


The message posted on the page read, “Then Pinky you nuh see Bounty woman gone pon vacation today when a di big 50 celebration.”

While many people did not welcome the gossip of the artiste and his girlfriend splitting as the post received backlash, this message led Jamaica Matey Groupie Pinkwall to do some investigations and found that the sender “was on to something” because there were no pictures of the entertainer on Claudia’s Instagram page anymore.

 “Well, sender this morning was on to something cause di whole a bounty picture dem vanish from di page,” the caption read with two eyes emoji at the end. Adding, “It look like dem lef fi true cause diss is a not to miss event,” the post was ended with a unicorn emoji.

Some people even said that the couple have been apart for months. There is also the interesting fact that the two are no longer following each other on Instagram.

A video was posted on Claudia’s Instagram page in which she is heading out with a large suitcase. Another post was made to her Instagram Story saying, “Do your best to trust the process, and you will gradually outgrow what you thought you couldn’t live without and fall deeply in love with what you didn’t even know you wanted.”

Another post read, “I wish you peace, love & health,…blah blah blah. Fuck that shit.. I wish you lots of sex, alcohol, orgasms & hope you win the fuckin Lottery.”

Following this, she asked, “Ladies have you ever had a Man pray for you?”

The next post had her standing in front of a lovely scene while Alkaline’s “Pretty Girl Team” played in the background about her being “hurt inna love and now she don’t care”, which is strange since Bounty Killer is known to detest Alkaline.

More posts spoke about her wanting to be “choked and pounded into the mattress” while detailing her sexual fantasy, which ended with getting “milkshakes and burgers”. She also pictures the occasion being an hand in hand moment and she is given a forehead kiss, which she feels is ‘real romance.”

She continued with advice to her followers, saying they “deserve the very best” no matter what the case might be and they should not “LOOK FOR ANYONE” to give them what they want because they should “GO OUT AND GET IT”. The long paragraph added that at the right time things would fall into place, hence you should not “fight to keep anything that doesn’t feel like what u deserve.”

She told her followers to, “let those things go and create room for what is already in alignment with u and your true purpose.”

In conclusion, she added that the past does not define a person and everyone should enjoy their current lives while looking ahead to the future.

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