Bounty Killer and his Visa

Thursday, February 8, 2018, 4:15 PM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Now that 8 years have passed since the entertainer Bounty Killer;s USA visa was revoked, he would like to find a way to have it reinstated, as it is affecting his career in a negative way. 
His eager fans have waited to see him for a long time and he would like to perform for them again. His earning has fallen as well, and he is hoping that something will be done to change the situation.
“A star cannot shine in his house and Jamaica is my house and I need to go outside in the world”, he said. 

In 2010 an e mail advisory went out to airlines, telling them not to board the artiste, and three more artistes, their visas were being revoked. Sources revealed that visas are not being revoked because of anti gay lyrics. There has been speculation, but not many persons are sure about the reason behind the change in the way US visas are being managed.

Again the USA Embassy in Kingston revoked his visa in 2016 without telling him why. After all these years the Dancehall star doesn’t know why he is not able to travel to the United States of America. 
Bounty Killer has not been convicted of any crime, he is a hardworking Jamaican artiste who has been travelling and building his career for many years.  
Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta and Beenie Man don’t have US visas either, it makes us wonder what is happening in the minds of the persons at the USA Embassy. Jamaicans are now wondering if the Americans think all of us are violent people, because there is a lot of killing taking place in our country.

With a name like Bounty Killer, we could start thinking that the fear of violence could be a reason behind the move behind the visa problems Rodney Price is having. 

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