Bounty Killer And Jahshii Shoots Music Video For “When We A Step”

Monday, January 10, 2022, 1:13 PM GMT-5

The recent link-up between Bounty Killer and the Jahshii which resulted in the track “When We A Step” has definitely shown interesting progress with the track doing well so far on Youtube however, things are about to go to another level since the “Killa” revealed on his Instagram page that a music video is currently in the making for the banger song.

In the video preview that the “5 Star General” placed on his Instagram profile, he could be seen with Jahshii at an apartment complex with a group of videographers and musicians that included the likes of Wikid Media Ja and Juke Boxx Jamaica who were capturing the footage.


The video seems set to be a very heated one too that shows a theme that matches the lyrics of the song. In the background behind the entertainers, a group of people could be seen with cutlasses of all variants and sizes showing the serious attitude that should be adopted when stepping.

The linkage between Bounty Killer and Jahshii is one that many Dancehall lovers have seen to be necessary since the younger entertainer’s first Entertainment report interview, in which he brave heartedly spoke his truth and hailed the veteran as one of the established artistes in the business that have always looked out for upcoming artistes.

Right after the very same interview, however, the “First Nation” entertainer received many criticisms for what he said about other veterans in the interview, especially where it concerns the overseas-based acts such as Shabba Ranks, since the youngster made claims that they do not care to help upcoming artistes, and so their names should not be called.

Even though the criticisms being thrown out to Jahshii were quite harsh, Bounty Killer was one of the persons who stepped up to defend the young act, even going on to record the “When we a step” song with him which has been on the trending list of Jamaican music on Youtube for some time since its release and has accumulated over 399 thousand views looking to hit the 400k mark by this week.

This is not only a good look for the young act but also a progressive move for “Killa” who is looking forward to releasing his “King Of Kingston” album and will need the listeners and a wider fan base to make the project fully successful. As for Jahshii, the linking with the veteran is certainly a smart and admirable move coming from a young artiste since the advice and mentoring that he is now possible getting from the “5 Star General ” can bring him a far way in the music, and be a source of wisdom for him in a time when many have concluded that he is now a target of the police based on the things he said in the interview.

The music video for “WWAS” was shot in Brook Valley, Kingston 20 which was confirmed by the “Alliance” leader after Dancehall artiste Cham popped up in the comments section of the preview to state that the area looks like his place.

Check out the post from Bounty below.

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