Bounty Killer and Prime Minister Could be Touring Cockpit Country this Week

August 6, 2019

Bounty Killer has posted on Social Media and spoken out in other ways about the concerns of the citizens who live in the Cockpit Country. Since it was alleged that the Government had signed an agreement with an investor to do mining in the area.

This week he will allegedly be touring the Cockpit Country with Prime Minister Andrew Holness following a meeting.
The Government heard his concerns and have decided to allay his fears.


Senator Mathew Samuda did an interview recently and spoke about Bounty Killers demands for the Government to leave Cockpit Country alone, and now the Poor People Defender has been approached to tour the Cockpit Country this Thursday.

The Senator also added that the protected area in the Cockpit Country is not being mined and the real situation will be explained to Rodney Pryce aka Bounty Killer as he was invited to the Office of the Prime Minister at Jamaica House in Kingston.



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