Bounty Killer Claps Back at Ricky Trooper with Voice Notes – Listen

After the social media fiasco of Ricky Trooper airing Bounty Killer’s dirty laundry and talking about his alleged gay son, Bounty Killer decides to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Bounty responds with his own Instagram post, and calling the selector “SHITTY SCOOPER”, he cited an event where Ricky Trooper would play for anyone as long as the price was right. He partly captioned the video, “Yo Di ting Get Sticky Some Selector Boy Too Licky Licky p*ssy say him play any wen fi anybody from money run nasty dutty germs bout my son a batty show ur jacket pickney dem nuh 🤣🥲😂😅.” view full statement below:


In the voice notes, the veteran disk jockey can be heard stating, “from the money is right, you have me.” He continued by giving his price of 4,000€ in exchange for his services and labeled himself “expensive”. The woman he was conversing with asked about any additional guests or catering services that he would expect upon arrival and made mention of promotional clothing that they would like him to wear, with which he had no issues.

In another voice note posted a little after the first, Bounty stated, “Hear how di fassy willing and agreed to promote and wear all tshirt big Soul Seller for 4k€ 😂🤣🥲🥲.” This was because the woman confirming, “…said that you’re okay to, you know, um, perform for the gay and lesbian crowd.”

The lady asked if it would be okay for him to wear promotional clothing and take pictures in them. Stammering, Ricky Trooper said that he’s okay with it, but his management team would have the final say and he wasn’t sure if they would allow that. After he declared that he has a standing contract with a company that states that he has to wear their clothing when he performs, referring to the event as a “rainbow party”, she asked if she could approach them about having an article made with this name and the company’s brand represented on it. He again directed her to speak with his management team about the details.

The woman relayed that it is difficult to find reggae and dancehall-based clients that are willing to perform at any LGBTQ event and inquired that if all went well, would he be interested in playing at future events. Ricky Trooper reiterated that as long as the price is right, he would be there.

Listen to the voice notes below:

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