Bounty Killer Regains Access to His Instagram Account

Friday, December 6, 2019, 12:12 PM GMT-5

Bounty Killer Took Back Instagram Account from Hackers. Bounty Killer the Veteran Dancehall artiste finally recovered his Instagram account that he had named Grunggaadzilla on Tuesday.

The famous artiste’s account was hacked last month, it had 447,000 followers on it. The hackers cleaned off his photos and videos and started selling shoes on it.

The Warlord was forced to start a new account “1unogeneral” and managed to secure only 7,000 followers.

After he got access to his IG account again, he used both accounts to spread the good news.  “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT Finally mi got mi b**bclaat page go hack unuh mumma p***y bumbo ole unuh can stop di General nuh time never ever,” he wrote in a post.

In another post, he thanked the Instagram support team and Sharon Burke for helping him to recover the page, and told the fans who unfollowed the page that they can start following both “1unogeneral and Grunggaadzilla”, pages now.

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