Bounty Killer Talks His Life Story… PART 1 – Video

December 22, 2021 3:43 AM

Veteran dancehall star Rodney Basil Price aka Bounty Killer sat down with Teach Dem of “Teach Dem Tv” on youtube about his lifelong journey and musical career. To kick off the interview Bounty explains that he was born in Trench Town back in 1972 which was also an election year. He went on to detail that he did not grow up in Trench Town because he and his family had to move shortly after his birth.

Killer outlines that himself and his family grew up in “real hard struggle”. He recalls days of having no lunch money to go to school so much that he drop out of school at 9th grade, “from nine grade a high grade” he jokingly outlined. He also made mention of being shot as a teenager because he was following the wrong company.


The Killer also talks about his first working experiences before music.

With regards to getting into music, Rodney recalls first being around his father’s little sound system which he would operate from time to time. His first inspiration came after his cousin “John Wayne” got a hit song and went to foreign and return with a lot of money and things.

Watch the full interview below.

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