Bounty Killer Urges Fellow Jamaicans To Support The Movement To Save The Cockpit Country

A few hours ago Bounty Killer posted a video on his official Instagram account under the username ‘grunggaadzilla’ in support of the lawsuit against the Government of Jamaica who he stated are violations of the 1738 Maroon Treaty which was agreed upon and signed by the British Crown.

The Head of State for the State of Accompong is Chief Richard Currie and he is advocating for the help of Jamaican citizens to protect the town and the rainforest from mining and deforestation because it affects everyone. In the space of less than two more weeks, the case will be tried in the Supreme Court of Judicature on July 12, 2022.

It was also stated in the message that all those who support the movement by way of monetary assistance will have their names stamped forever in history on a wall in the Town of Accompong as a way of honouring them for their donations.

Check out Bounty’s statement below.

As reported by Loop News, the lawsuit was filed against the Government and the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT). Loop also reported that according to Currie, the filing of the lawsuit occurred on May 6, 2022, and shows that the 1738 treaty between the Crown and the natives gave the Maroons sovereignty over their lands and it remains in effect even with the Constitution of Jamaica of 1962. The team boasts a variety of legal experts that hail from Jamaica and also internationally.

The Instagram video urges Jamaicans to share their support and pass on the message so that others can do their part in saving the Cockpit Country. 

Watch the video below.

Supporters of the message have left comments such as “Mannn they messing with all the jungles now.. governments don’t know how important these places are for the ecosystem. This world is so sad,” and “Our people our environment, our environment our people, hands together let’s go, let’s do this, secure our future,” in hopes that others will speak out. 

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